Barcemola Espadrilles, inspired by things we like about Barcelona, like Barcelona Panot Tile, or Sagrada Familia, and Passeig de Gracia.
Barcelona is a city open to the world, looking towards the sea and protected by the mountain. A city, through which streets, walks people from around the world, a city with it’s own language, culture and tradition. Barcelona falls in love, Barcelona “Mola” (“is cool”). That is why at La Manual Alpargatera, we wanted to go beyond the streets of the city that we like so much, and where the first fashion espadrilles were created, so we could take a piece of it on our feet and thus, let us feel it close wherever we might go with our comfortable handmade espadrilles . From this idea emerges 'Barcemola!' (if we were Liverpool the brand would have been “LiverCool”, sort of), a unique collection that aims to collect those things that we find  "cool" and are related to the city of Barcelona, their people or it’s country.



Six years ago, the idea of ​​creating a platform from which to group collaboration projects with other companies, entities or people who did interesting things in Barcelona was born in the workshop of the Alpargatera Manual. From this project, the first collaboration between the Manual and “Posa’t Un Conte” (“Wear A Tale”) was created that led to La Manual Inventora SL. With them we created, among other things, new designs of espadrilles inspired by the city and that began to take strength with the illustrations of Elena Val until becoming an own collection.


With the famous "panot" of the Barcelona flower, which decorates some of the most famous streets sidewalks in the city, converted into a heart and the B of Barcemola!, as a logo of an EU fashion brand, 'Barcemola!' It has espadrille models designs that take us to the most important festivals of our culture, emblematic monuments and well-known buildings beyond the borders of the city. From heroic activities like the Castellers, to everyday details such as the sewers iron lids of BCN streets. Like Sant Jordi, the legend that has brought catalan couples of lovers to give away a book, a rose, or both. Or Sant Joan, originally to celebrate the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year and also the brightest one thanks to the fireworks and bonfires. Or La Patum, part of our country's and humankind cultural heritage, also definite by fire.. 'Barcemola' is also inspired by significant monuments such as Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia or the Agbar Tower, both part of Barcelona skyline. But those are not the only models, 'Barcemola!' It is a changing collection, in constant motion and that does not stop innovating. A collection, like Barcelona itself, is open and varied, comfortable and stylish, but respectful of our culture and traditions.


One of the latest models created especially for this collection, and first of our "Author’s espadrilles" is "Mots", in collaboration with the writer Màrius Serra, who designed a crossword related to ‘La Manual’ and its activity, and, in turn, we based the design of the espadrille in this crossword.
In short, a tribute to Barcelona and everything related to it. Because Barcelona "mola", Barcemola! was born!






 Barcemola! It is the perfect souvenir (or gift) that you can take with you from our beautiful city that will remind you of the sites, art and Mediterranean style of Barcelona. Barcemola is a feeling and emotion, you will remember your vacation every time you wear your pair!